Your animal nature

Certain contexts allow for kindness, respect, and generosity while others do not.

In an ideal world, a peaceful existence would always be the order of the day.

And unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

It’s dangerous to become too disconnected from your animal nature.

It’s dangerous to become addicted to being hypercivilized.

Even the Low Status will end up owning you.

Even “nice” people will take advantage of you.

Think dominance hierarchy.

Fierce matters.

Status matters.

Prey is eaten.

Be willing to fight for your life or become invisible.

Be willing to fight for your life or remain average at best.

Be willing to fight for your life or be neutralized and discarded.

Be an appropriate savage when necessary.

Don’t explain to people who dislike you.

You don’t win by defending.

Make statements.

Or ignore them entirely.

There comes a time when manners are no longer workable.

Don’t be reasonable with the unreasonable.

Think context.

Great people are also dangerous people.

Great people are also monsters.

No one wants to say it.

Always, be appropriate.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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