Why many Trusted Advisors are not trusted

As a Trusted Advisor, it is your intention to harness your vast knowledge base and experience in providing advice and guidance to your clients.

And yet, the transference of practical and actionable information sometimes falls short in producing desired results.

Thus, the Trusted Advisor is unfairly blamed for not providing the “right” information to the client.

Upon closer inspection, all too often, it’s the client that doesn’t possess the ability to transfer the newly acquired information into practical results.

In other words, your often brilliant advice and guidance never leaves the client’s head.

It is never applied to the physical universe where it has the possibility of creating the targeted outcome.

The most common reason for this dilemma is “occurrence” issues.

If implementing your guidance is experienced as threatening or excessively difficult to your client it usually will not get done.

What will make a difference is getting at the source of why a situation occurs as daunting in the first place to the client.

The solution is to work directly with a professional performance coach who is experienced in dealing with occurrence issues.

A second solution would be for you to master the skills of “occurrence coaching“ and provide this game changing technology to your clients.

Either way, both you and your clients will win.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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