Who you can count on

If you want to know who a person actually is:

1. Listen to their language in use.

2. Watch how they operate over an “extended” period of time.

3. Notice the agreements they make and if they keep those agreements.

4. Do their actions match their words?

5. Do their results match their actions?


So, it’s not always just the words that come out of a person’s mouth that tell you who the person is and what you can count on from them.

Some people talk a great game and have impressive looking branding to back it up.

But, they collapse at the first sign of adversity.

They run from the agreements they have made.

They shun responsibility.

They find clever ways to justify their weak behaviors.

A person with a “glass jaw mentality” is useless to you.

So, don’t take just the words a person speaks as gospel truth.

Observe their actions, their inaction, their courage, their integrity, and their results.

It’s a combination of all of the above that will tell you how a person has built themselves.

Actions tell you if words are true or not.

Results tell you if actions are sincere and delivered with competence or not.

There are people you can count on.

There are people you can’t count on.

Know the difference.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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