Where an unfair advantage starts

Entrepreneurs and business owners are constantly seeking new ways to position themselves at what’s typically called “an unfair advantage.”

It’s essentially placing yourself and your business in an extremely advantageous location that is difficult to compete with.

What most people don’t get is that to even start building an unfair advantage, you have to stop doing and tolerating things that put you at a disadvantage.

Other names for this phenomenon are commonly referred to as “digging yourself a hole” and “digging your own grave.”


Examples would include:

Reasonableness will always disadvantage you.

Low energy will always disadvantage you.

High neurotic tendencies will always disadvantage you.

Low stress tolerance will always disadvantage you.

A weak relationship with realism will always disadvantage you.

Regularly engaging in distractive activities will always disadvantage you.

Low commitment is an absolute deal breaker.

Low competence is an absolute deal breaker.

Lying to yourself is an absolute deal breaker.

And of course, generating a weak inner stance will destroy your chances of winning from the very beginning.


Only by dealing with the above land mines will you be in a position to truly start creating a significant unfair advantage.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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