The space between desperation and distraction

You know who they are.

Today they tell you their life is falling apart and the next time you see them they tell you how happy they are.

On and on it goes.

Back and forth endlessly.

Desperate, happy, repeat.

Desperate, happy, repeat.

The bottom line is:

They’re not desperate, they’re weak.

They’re  not happy, they’re distracted.

They’re constantly in escape mode.

What they define as a happy life is nothing more than various distractions.

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, vacations, hobbies, or shiny new toys, it’s all a distraction.

The problem is that one becomes numb to the distractions.

Once this happens the individual needs new distractions.

Endlessly seeking.

It is vital to get to the source of this nightmare.

To do so:

Get at the real source of the desperation.

You do this by being radically honest with yourself.

Refuse to distract yourself.

Define what it will take to resolve the source of the desperation.

Do what’s required to eliminate the source.

Bracket anything in your way as necessary.

Both a desperate life and a distracted life fall well short of a life of substance.

Start owning your life today.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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