“The” matters – “a” is ignored

Be “The” player.
Not “a” player.

Be “The” man.
Not “a” man.

Be “The” woman.
Not “a” woman.

Be “The” CEO.
Not “a” CEO.

Be “The” coach.
Not “a” coach.

Be “The” business owner.
Not “a” business owner.

Be “The” doctor.
Not “a” doctor.

Be “The” trainer.
Not “a” trainer.

You get it.

“The” is code for, “The one.”

“a” is code for, “just another one.”

“The” moves in straight lines.

“a” goes through the motions.

“The” is present and out-front.

“a” is invisible.

“The” states.

“a” explains.

“The” connects the dots.

“a” doesn’t see any dots.

“The” matters.

“a” doesn’t.

Be a “The.”

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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