The invisible live in a harsh and painful world

A major hallmark of entrepreneurs who chronically struggle is that “the right” people don’t know who they are.

Notice I said “the right” people.

In business, it’s not who you know, but who knows you.

Most business owners have not defined the exact public that is a match for them and their company.

In response to this dilemma they often use desperate shotgun marketing approaches that end up being a costly waste of money and time.

If “the right” people don’t know who you are, you’re doomed to failure.

So define precisely the exact type of clients you choose to serve and where they are located.

It goes without saying that the individuals you choose to work with must be able to afford to pay you.

After you’re clear on the exact type of client you choose to serve, there is a powerful three step formula for arising out of invisibility.


The steps are:

1. Speak powerfully about yourself and your business.

No one knows you until you speak.

Have a strong and honest narrative.

Say it ten thousand times.

This will generate clients for you if you have the communication skills to deliver your message.


2. Necessary required actions are now utilized to impact the lives of your clients.

You have to show up and perform effectively.

If all you do is talk, your life becomes a joke and you will go back to being invisible.


3. Impressive results are necessary to build a strong business.

Clients must feel they are better off with you than without you or they will leave, and you will return to being invisible.

You get potent results by being great at what you do.

You can’t just settle for being average.

Being average guarantees that your life and business will suck.


So, to overcome being invisible you must:

1. Have a strong and honest narrative that you communicate effectively.

This will make you visible.


2. Implement workable actions.

This will maintain visibility.


3. Get impressive results.

This will ensure that you don’t relapse into becoming invisible again.


There is nothing more painful than watching your business slowly die without potential clients knowing you even exist.

Do what’s required.

Do it now.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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