The basic cause of bad things happening is weakness

Power is the capacity to act.

Power is the ability and willingness to do necessary required actions.

Weakness obviously has no power to act or to stop things.

Bad things are defined as the things you really don’t want to happen.

Bad things are allowed to happen because of weakness.


You can count on weakness to do two things:

1. Sit there and watch bad things happen.

2. Generate an explanation regarding why it sat there and never did anything about it.


When you don’t build strength, weakness is all that you will have.

The problem with weakness is that it never admits it’s weak.

It just justifies itself and blames others.

Sort of like some governments of the Western world, trying to reframe their self-created inflation and recession disasters, while their middle classes are being financially decimated.

The weak have no muscle to deal with the challenges in front of them.

Although the weak often talk a good game, one negative thought popping up in their heads totally shuts them down.

Weakness waits to feel the “right way“ before acting even though there is no “right way” to feel.

Weakness is stagnant.

Or at best it turns in circles.

It never moves in straight lines.

Get this: weakness calling itself an entrepreneur is still weakness.

A competent entrepreneur will get significant results.

Weakness will not.

Weakness will have the same repetitive conversations with little or no results.

Weakness denying it’s weak shows up as delusional.


So, if you’re weak:

1. Admit it. (Stop lying to yourself.)

2. Build strength.

3. Build competence.

4. Stop being lazy. (Laziness is fear.)

5. Bracket anything in your path.

6. Stop being reasonable.

7. Don’t stop until you win.

8. Then win again. And again. And again.


Deal with your weakness or it will continue to own you.

Tolerating weakness just makes you weaker.

Weakness and a powerful life cannot exist in the same space and time.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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