People always do their priorities

Priorities drive results.

Priorities drive life.

Priorities create powerful lives.

Priorities also create weak and often desperate lives.

Choose your priorities wisely.

If someone is complaining about their statistics being down and are still going on vacation next week….just laugh.

Only an adult child would say and do such a foolish thing.

And only an irresponsible or possibly deluded individual would try to justify such a self-inflicted crime against themselves.

A few short years from now they will probably not even remember where they vacationed this year.

It probably wasn’t a vacation anyway.

It was an escape strategy.

If you’re in trouble, do something about it now.

Don’t bow down to some type of feel good distraction.

So, ignore what people say they want.

Look at their priorities.

Their priorities are “what they actually do.”

This is an area of life that they have complete control over.

Priorities tell you what they’re actually committed to.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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