Ownership vs. being owned

You cannot copy ownership.

You either own or you don’t own.

You have to choose ownership every single day.

You have to continue to choose ownership every single day.

If you own, you live a life of power, competence, and accomplishment.

If you don’t own, you live a life of desperation, incompetence, and struggle.

You are actually owned by what you don’t own.


Most people are owned by:

The opinions of other people.

Their feelings.

Their moods.

Their thoughts.

Their reasonableness.

Their low stress tolerance.

Their addiction to comfort.

Their inertia.

Their need to look good.

Their neurotic mentalities.


It’s no fun to be owned.

It’s no fun to be life’s bitch.

It’s ridiculous to justify being owned.

It’s insane to tolerate being owned.

You can still choose.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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