It’s literally impossible for an average, hardworking entrepreneur to keep up with an outlier.

Just ask most average, hardworking entrepreneurs and they will tell you so.

And, some highly committed, highly competent, driven individuals are easily disguised as outliers.

If you have two highly competent entrepreneurs, one who works forty hours a week and the other who works

seventy hours a week, the former will never keep up.

Of course, if you have someone low on the competence scale, it doesn’t matter how many hours they work.

Low competence and laziness will always be at a severe disadvantage.



1. Unreasonable.

2. Relentless.

3. Possess stellar competencies.

4. Move in straight lines.

5. Rapidly select and accomplish NRAs.

6. Bracket often and at will.

7. Are committed to their commitments.

8. Don’t bow to comfort choices.

9. Don’t stop until they’re done.


Obviously, average, hardworking entrepreneurs and outliers live in two distinct worlds.

Not better worlds.

Just distinct.

Get to know an outlier.

It could alter your future.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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