Motivation doesn’t have anything to do with winning

Motivation is a feeling that comes and goes.

It usually comes from the impact of an external source.

An external source could include another person, a seminar, a book, a picture of a lavish home or expensive car you see in a magazine, etc.

Waiting to experience being motivated before you act is grossly unworkable.

Waiting on an external force, event, etc. to move you off your mental couch is an outgrowth of a victim or apathetic mentality.

Waiting weakens one.

Waiting degrades one.

Waiting invites reasonableness.

And, reasonableness is the lowest form of living.

Individuals who thrive simply do the next required action needed to achieve their chosen endgame.

No waiting.

No drama.

Simple and direct.



1. Be clear on your endgame.

2. Know and be competent regarding the implementation of NRAs that will bring the endgame into existence.

3. Do the next NRA.

4. And then the next NRA.

5. And then the next NRA.

6. And don’t stop until you win.


Integrity and endurance are infinitely more important than motivation and positive feelings.

Those at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy wait.

Those at the top of the dominance hierarchy move in straight lines.

Two. Different. Worlds.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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