Most struggling life coaches

Most struggling life coaches could transform their hobbies into actual businesses by:

  1. Being truthful with themselves.
  2. Dropping the woo-woo speak.
  3. Dropping the magical thinking.
  4. Generating competence considered valuable by successful business owners.
  5. Rehabilitating their integrity with regards to follow through.
  6. Staying away from smooth and/or mystical gurus who claim magical powers.
  7. Ceasing to post toxic self-absorbed social media babble.
  8. Learning how to communicate effectively.
  9. Ignoring people who utilize “artificially constructed closeness” as a client recruitment tool.
Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

Het probleem met ineffectieve mensen is? Het is nooit nu.

Performance Project gaat over leiderschap in de praktijk. Performance Coaching is leiderschap in de praktijk. Het gaat over je leven ertoe laten doen. Niet morgen maar nu. Schrijf je nu in.