Mean words and other things

If you won’t deal with other’s broken agreements,
you’ll never live a potent life.

If you won’t deal with other’s mean words,
you’ll never live a peaceful life.

If you won’t deal with other’s unworkable actions,
you’ll never live a useful life.

If you won’t deal with your own weak behaviors,
you’ll never live a dignified life.

If you won’t distinguish feelings from facts,
you will never live a sane life.

If you won’t “sincerely” say yes or no,
you’ll never live an honest life.

If you keep calling a lie, a commitment,
you will have no life.

Keep in mind, if you keep playing loose with the truth, you will keep desperately seeking the next new distraction.


Can’t = impossible

Won’t = intentional

Two. Different. Worlds.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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