Knowledge is not power

In everyday life, street smart people constantly own book smart people in terms of personal and business effectiveness.

True, knowledge is an extremely important component in the living of an effective life.

But, it’s only one component.

A transmission is a vital component of a car.

But, it’s not the car.

Knowledge is simply acquired and stored information.

Power is the capacity to act.

Two. Different. Worlds.

It’s useful to get that:

High IQ is often confounded by high realism.

High IQ is often outmaneuvered by high energy.

High IQ is often ignored when in the presence of high stress tolerance.

High IQ is often disrespected when compared to high integrity.

High IQ is often obliterated by an unreasonable Inner Stance.

High IQ is often left behind in the dust when up against unrelenting drive.

High IQ (even though more effective than a large knowledge base) is often frustrated without the ability to produce a valuable product or service.

This often leads to corruption.

Observe the Twitter debacle.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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