Intentional waiting

Low Status is Low Status because it constantly breaks to its impulses.

This leads to a life of frustration, desperation, and regret.


To deal with it master intentional waiting.


Make yourself wait when you’re hungry.

Make yourself wait before falling asleep.

Make yourself wait before answering the phone.

Make yourself wait before smiling.

Make yourself wait before answering a question.

Make yourself wait before putting down a weight.

Make yourself wait before explaining something.

Make yourself wait before bracketing your case.

Make yourself wait during physical discomfort.

Make yourself wait during long periods of silence.

Be appropriate.


Consider your outcome:

  1. Remain silent when appropriate.
  2. Move in straight lines when appropriate.


Low Status is chased and pushed by IWD.

Low Status bows to acceptance and approval.

High Status lives life on its own terms.

High Status bows to no one.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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