Dragged, pulled, and/or motivated

People who have to be dragged, pulled, and/or motivated simply don’t have big enough lives.

I know it sounds a little harsh.

And, if you’re a professional coach, consultant, or trainer you’re not getting paid to be a cheerleader.

Let’s look at why someone would be in a position of having to be dragged, pulled, and/or motivated in the first place.

Possible reasons might include:

  • Lame purpose for existence 
  • Weak Inner Stance
  • Physically deconditioned  
  • Genetics
  • Comfort addict mentality 
  • Extremely low stress tolerance 
  • Entitlement mentality 
  • Unwillingness to deal with fear 

It’s often useful to have an interaction with such a person about the consequences of unworkable behavior.

There is literally nothing a person does that they feel is not self-serving to them.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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