Dealing with desperation

Here are a few observations to act on when dealing with desperation:

A lack of effectiveness produces desperation.

Get this:

“There is something unwanted happening that you say (interpret) you are not effective enough to deal with.

“That experience, is what you call desperation.”

Power is the ability to act in an effective manner.

Without power, you will continue to stagnate in desperation.

A powerful life is built.

It’s built out of language and action.

You have either built a powerful life or you haven’t.

If you have not built a powerful life, here’s what you can do to start to influence what you are calling “desperation.”

  1. Ask yourself, “Exactly, what am I feeling desperate about?”
  2. Sit with the above question until you have a precise answer.
  3. Ask yourself, “What is the most effective action I can take to impact what I am calling desperation?”
  4. Take the action and keep taking the action until you get movement on the desperation. Make corrections as needed along the way.

Dealing with desperation often doesn’t require more information. 

It takes a commitment to rise up and engage with what you are calling desperation until it’s handled.

Desperation is common among individuals.

Unfortunately, powerful and effective lives tend to be quite uncommon.

Results are not produced from what you understand.

It’s what you do that matters.

A powerful life is created by decision and action.

Rise up.

Knock a desperate life on its ass.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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