Confidence is overrated

People often wait for their unwanted feelings to go away before they act.

Big mistake.

They also wait to feel “the right way” before they act.

Big mistake.



Get clear on your endgame.

Get clear on the NRAs that will bring the endgame into existence.

Master needed skill sets to deliver on the NRAs.

Go to work and don’t stop until you win.

Winners have confidence because they win.

The mediocre stand around waiting to “feel the right way” and get weaker.

What is a confident person anyway?

It’s a highly competent individual who knows they will deliver on the NRAs to get their endgame accomplished.



You don’t have to feel a certain way.

Unwanted feelings do not have to go away before you act.

Bracket anything in your way.

Bracket the need to feel confident.

Bracket the need to feel certain.

Bracket the need to feel motivated.

Do what’s required.

If you do the deed you will have the result regardless of how you feel or don’t feel.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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