Some people simply won’t change until staying where they are currently at becomes more painful that getting up and moving.

And yes, there are a few, not many but a few, who refuse to change no matter what.

Dragging someone toward change is ridiculously disrespectful to the both of you.

So don’t.

Let them sit there.

A refusal to deal with fear has consequences.

Stubbornness has consequences.

An adult child mentality has consequences.

Fortunately, most people when confronted with their actual undesired default future, will stop resisting and avoiding and start changing.


What that looks like is:

1. They will stop getting in their own way.

2. They will stop lying to themselves.

3. They will stop blaming others.

4. They will start dealing with what’s in front of them.


It takes constantly placing yourself in an adult environment that will challenge you.

It can be a little tough.

But, the prize is winning back your life.

So endure.

It’s the only option for a High Status life.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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