A responsible adult life

No one ever made it to the top of a dominance hierarchy by:

Saying things that made them weak.

Doing things that made them weak.

Getting weak results.

Lying to themselves.

Being reasonable.

Having a weak relationship to realism.

Engaging in high levels of neurotic behavior.

Refusing to deal with low energy.

Tolerating their case.



The above are literal transgressions to the living of a potent and effective life.

The above are disrespectful to people who depend on you for your support.

You owe your business partner a responsible adult life.

You owe your employer a responsible adult life.

You owe your family a responsible adult life.

Some of you won’t like this bulletin.

Too bad.

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

Het probleem met ineffectieve mensen is? Het is nooit nu.

Performance Project gaat over leiderschap in de praktijk. Performance Coaching is leiderschap in de praktijk. Het gaat over je leven ertoe laten doen. Niet morgen maar nu. Schrijf je nu in.