A few incredibly potent High Status reminders

The purpose of life is to make a declarative statement and live consistent with it.

If people consider that life is better off with you than without you, they will want to stay close.

Produce value or become irrelevant.

Reasonableness is the lowest form of living.

Reasonableness is nothing more than justifying why you are holding back in life.

Strong ego penetrates and pushes through.

Logic disrupts impulsive and stupid behaviors.

If you don’t show up poised, competent, and ready you are asking for a beatdown.

Just because something feels true doesn’t make it real.

A person will often obey the loudest voice in their head, regardless of what it’s saying.

Fragile deteriorates under pressure while antifragile strengthens under pressure.

Not all people survive hard times.

Virtue signaling is not virtue.

Virtue signaling is done in public for a particular payoff, whereas authentic virtue is done in private.

No one is a waste of time. And yet, some people will definitely waste your time.

Women usually don’t respect nice guys.

Men usually don’t trust nice guys.

Don’t blame genetics for a weak inner stance.

It’s not about absolutes. It’s about heuristics.

Weak lives are the result of weak choices.

What works is to be gracious and have a low tolerance for drama and nonsense when encountered.

A lightweight is one who will stall in action without a constant outside source of motivation. It’s best to keep your distance. 

Go find someone you respect and buy them a computer and a tank of gas. Do it today.

If you find yourself being annoyed with this document then throw it away.

The great thing about life is that it’s always your move.

Big talk + small behaviors = embarrassing results.

Endurance owns positive thinking.

Stop seeking secrets to success. Start creating a life that matters.

The longer you take to explain something the less they will believe you.

Kindness from strength is pure.

Kindness from weakness is manipulative.

Either go High Status or stay in your head justifying your life.

You can’t make someone like, love, or respect you. So stop trying.

Sometimes you have to burn bridges to demonstrate you can start fires.

It’s always what comes before the questions others ask that matters most.

The need to be liked stems from insecurity and fear. Needing to be liked is pure hell.

Someone drunk on attention will never be loyal to you.

Artificially constructed closeness is a resource accumulation strategy.

Being likable is a conflict avoidance strategy.

Knowing what to do won’t make you do it.

Confidence is overrated. Act with or without confidence. Just get competent and act.

You don’t drift into adulthood. You have to actually grow up.

Optimism without commitment and competence is worthless.

Never apologize for saying what you sincerely meant to say.

The life you’re currently living has either been molded or forged.

You will never be content with a life that has been molded from the past. Intentionally forge your own life, now.

Never send a sheep to kill a wolf.

Many times people are not sincere about the questions they ask. They just want their biases confirmed.

The only thing more irritating than negative energy is fake positive energy.

It’s fine to ignore those who cling to outlier fallacies.

When someone doesn’t like you their questions tend to be attacks.

Calling a hobby a business, doesn’t make it a business.

Calling a lie a commitment, doesn’t make it a commitment.

Bright ideas without the stamina to implement them will end up in a ditch.

Whatever you choose, make it a priority.

Hate can be a useful tool. When you hate something bad enough you usually do something about it.

Why are you still waiting?

Dusan Djukich Dusan Djukich

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